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ACF Rules


While we do aim to provide our users with as much freedom as possible, we also like to keep our site 100% family friendly. It is because of this that we ask for all users and staff to adhere to the following 12 rules for the safety and enjoyment of the community as a whole. The rules are presented, in no particular order, along with detailed descriptions of each rule. You will also find the number of demerits you will recieve for breaking the rule.  Each user starts with 0 demerits, and can work their way up to a maximum of 5 demerits, at which point a ban may be considered. Demerit values are not exact, and can be assigned at the sole descretion of the moderator. Demerits expire after long periods of time. Thank you for taking the time to observe the rules. Enjoy the forums!



Description Demerits


 Inappropriate Behavior

Posting inappropriate content on the public forums or in PMs will not be tolerated. 2



Impersonating another member of the site is considered to be unacceptable. 2


Bug Abuse

 Exploiting site loopholes or glitches is not permitted, unless you immediately alert the staff of any you've found. 3



Posting nonsense is never allowed on public forums. 1


Flaming and Trolling

 You are not allowed to purposefully insult, taunt, or anger other users. 2


Friend Codes

You must use PMs to share your friend codes with others. Friend codes will be removed from the public forums. 1



 Please do not create topics specifically to advertise another site. You are free to advertise in your profile and signature 2


Markup Abuse

You may not post using excessive markup. 1


Posting in Other Languages

Our sites primarily use the English language, and posting in other languages is not permitted, unless you provide the English translation. 0



You may not post topics on more than one forum at once. Please choose the forum that is most appropriate for your topic. 1


Multiple Accounts

You may only have one ACF account. If you are caught with more than one account, the second account will be banned and the first account will receive a suspension. 4


Posting Personal Information

Please do not share personal information such as your school, phone numbers, and addresses on the public forums. If you feel the need to share this information with other members, please do so in a PM. We do not recommend sharing any information with other users and can not be held accountable for the consequences of your actions. 0